Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 2-3 Full Highlights From The Supercopa de España 2020 with English Commentary


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16 Comentarios

  1. If every year a team plays a good remontada on us
    Can we count that as a remontada
    So it doesnt happen in the ucl ?
    The coach is as horrible as ever starting up and subs doesnt make any sense .
    Hope he get sacked soon.

  2. What a second half,the lead changed hands twice in one half,plus we played well and atletico just did an atletico on us with brilliant counter attacks after absorbing tons of pressure.

  3. all goals of barca were legit .. this game was stolen 1000 percent .. the penalty in the end was a horrible decision in addition to the two legit goals not given to barca .. football is as corrupt as ever ..

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