Real Madrid won ‘La Decima” in dramatic fashion after an absorbing final in Lisbon against their city rivals Atletico. Watch the entire game again here.


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  1. I remember watching this game at home as if it was yesterday. What a roller coaster of emotions I experienced from watching one match. The Real Madrid Spanish leader scored the first, a Welsh legend scored the winner, a fancy Brazilian sealed it and the brilliant Portuguese clinched the greatest individual season we have ever seen in Champions league history.

  2. I was stuck watching this alone in my room. I watched most, if not all, games that season and I was certain we'd come out with the win. The first goal went in, yet I was not convinced we would secure the win. As the game went on I realized it was turning into a matter of holding the lead. The second half felt eternal but eventually we arrived at the 90 minute mark. Five minutes of additional time seemed a bit excessive, still, I thought we could power through and hold off Real Madrid. At the 92nd minute with 49 seconds Sergio Ramos did what he does best; saving Real Madrid. With that header he killed all hope within me that we could win the match. Surely enough, we went on to concede 3 more in the second half of extra time. I felt bad for giving up so soon, but this just hadn't been our game and I doubted we could change that in two minutes. Even to this day, nothing has made me feel as defeated as this game did. Thank you BR for uploading this and helping me relive one of the strongest and most beautiful memories I have of the sport.

  3. Ronaldo had such a quiet game, he was just waiting for easy goals in the penalty box. Almost as if he didn't take this match seriously. Don't really understand it from a player of his ability.

  4. Ronaldo showing what a selfish scumbag he is. Didn't celebrate any of his team's goals until he scored a pointless late penalty, only to take his shirt off and steal the headlines. Disgusting.

  5. Even as a Real fan I’m still confused as to how atleti gave up 3 goals in the second half of extra time after being so defensively sound the entire game and shutting out our whole attack

  6. This game still gives me chills to this day. From wanting to turn off the T.V and cry with the badge, to crying and jumping for joy when THAT Sergio Ramos header happened. We had won it from that moment as we all came together and knew nothing was stopping us. Truly remarkable. Hala Madrid <3

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