The last Champions League match before football went away was a thrilling contest at Anfield as Liverpool took on Atletico Madrid.


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  1. amazing game both teams playing similar style gegenpressing liverpools more fast paced and athletic side and madrids are more of a technical passing side of the play. good hustle from both teams tho

  2. This happened March 11. It was my birthday, but i decided to stay home and watch this game. Who would have thought this would be the last game I would watch Ina long time. I am only a Fan. I FAN I am, of the most beautiful sport around the world. #staystrongmyfriend., #lovesoccer. Did i made the right decision by staying home on my Birthday, I think I Did.

  3. People will blame Adrian for the loss ignoring the fact that liverpool could have converted one of the 30 shots they failed to convert and won the game. That team also quit after the Adrian goal. That second goal, when the game was still very much winnable, you have both the central defenders standing watching llorente recieve the pass, and put the ball in the back of the net. Two defenders failed to mark and then close down one guy. Liverpool lost the game, not Adrian.

  4. I just don't get it. I don't why so many Liverpool fans blame Adrian! I'm a Liverpool fan I'm not like those plastic fans that sing YNWA and then blame everything on 1 player. Smh. Look at the last 2 goals that atletico scored. It's all the defense doing low pressure! They let the players go all the way up and when they score they blame it on adrian!! I felt so bad for Karius and now adrian! Smh

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