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  1. Great game, dude, well done. One of my favorite teams, with one of the most completed roasters I've ever seen. Whoever plays with Diegito's team must know three things: Diego is a master in man-to-man gameplay, but he always leaves a libero when he can, like with Thomas Partey. Second, his players always can play in more than one positions. Yes, the SS behind the two strikers is mostly an AMF, but he has to be the low for when playing with 2 high fors, but becomes a pure AMF when combining a high for with a low for. Third, Diego loves couples in whatever formation suits to every match and attacks with combos, like the superb first goal you scored. Usually, the wingers are mostly used, though, because Diegito likes to cover all the field, and he does it when he plays combo high for- low for, something like 4-2-3-1, which in such case goes 4-4-2 when in attack. Whoever plays with Atletico may not win, but he will enjoy football for sure.

  2. 40+ hrs played & still haven't won a single penalty. Literally getting manhandled in the box with the defender nowhere near the ball. So frustrating.

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