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Klopp and Simeone squared off in the Champions League R16 in a fascinating tactical battle. But let’s take a look at the tactics used by both managers.


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31 Comentarios

  1. Hey man, I love your videos…I have just one little suggestion: when you freeze a play and type some text, it often goes away too quickly and one is forced to go back and pause to see the picture and read the text. If only you could give it a few more seconds, it would be great.


  2. What I honestly don’t get is the away goal at extra time. It’s non sense. When you draw, the First groups stage team plays second as some sort of advantage over the 2nd. The away goal at extra time. Counting in normal game is a double sword to the team playing home at second game. UEFA didn’t do this right at this time…

  3. That's bullshit!
    The def/strategy of ath was breached countless times.
    It all comes down to a misfiring front 3, an incredible oblak n Adrian.
    Lfc just lacked the end product.

  4. To be honest, Liverpool played exceptionally well up to 90 minutes. They pressed like hungry wolves that night, Atletico didn't have any proper counter-attack up to the 90th minute. Its quite obv being humans, playing such an high intensity style of play( easily the most intense of any football team in the world ) for 90 mins would tire you out, thats why Klopp said not finishing the match before extra time was a mistake. To all who say Simeone masterclass, go get a life. If not for Oblak, your masterclass would have conceded at least 5-6 goals that day.

  5. credit to athletico for their composure. last year barca had a better squad but lost to a much weaker liverpool side makes me feel bad. Athletico handled so much pressure. I felt klopp gave LAME reasons for the loss. Liv fans complained about adrien but tbh their defence sucked balls. seriously one of the shittest open defence ever. i wonder how barca didn score on this shitty defence. Absolute dumbasses. they let llorente shoot twice. they kept letting morata run. i mean even a small defender would have tried to stop that dribble. this is why you should not talk much. Its hard to do what athletico did. such an amazing team. hope they stay consistent. Simionie really won it. well deserved win.

  6. Simeone didn’t beat Kloop. If he did. Then we should be talking how Atlético didn’t left any play to Liverpool. One thing is that they blew to smoke like 20 goal chances… that’s it. And even, they we’re winning 2-0 before Adrian did stupid mistake. After that is another game. Stating Simeone beat Kloop is just plain stupid. I can grant saying it was a good played game for Atlético. It was just that Liverpool didn’t make it trough to goal. Period. If at least 3-4 Chances would have ended in goal then Atlético will have to go after the game and then this could have ended with a 5 or 6 to Liverpool favor. Just things didn’t work out. Some nights it does (Agains Barcelona F.E) Somme doesn’t like this one

  7. First and foremost what JKlopp said after the game: "Our first, main mistake tonight was that we scored the second goal too late; we scored in extra-time and not in the 90 minutes, so that was our fault." this says everything. Yes Simeone is great tactician, Oblak made several great saves, but the biggest problem was way too many missed goal opportunities. Dont wanna blame the attacking trio, but Mo in particular should have done better.

  8. I noticed that you are burned to hell by Atleticl's win and that is why you are saying
    'no team defended strongly and there were errors in defence'
    are you fucking kidding me dude?

  9. @FootballMadeSimple can you give me a copyright to you contents to reappload in my channel in somali language🇸🇴🇸🇴!!! 🙏🙏🇸🇴🇸🇴like this kind of seeing football at this angle and debate unto it in their hookups(fadhi-kutirir)

  10. this video really does NOY tell the full story of a game when LIVERPOOL had 35 shots which is a success in terms of creating chances that defeats any credit to Simeone, it was was exceptional goalkeeping , fortune and poor finishing that kept the away side in the tie, & opened the door for Atleti in extra time, , had Firmino scored 5 minutes earlier the game would have been done and the madrid side out, the REdS defenec was fine, one error by Adruan opened up the game, and ONLY THEN the home side chased the match being behind on the away goal.. if both teams had the chance to play this game 9 more times LIVERPOOL win it every time. so your "masterclass" is null & void boys! see also

  11. Atleti know what they are doing,they play smart?What did Klopp expect?To play attacking football against Liverpool and at Anfield?Their tempo and match mentality are to frustrate the opponent,you can't attack against Liverpool,this is the only way,because Simeone was up against Real and Barca every year,he knows what he is doing.

  12. Goals are always scored when the errors r made. I see a lot of Liverpool fans claiming they lost coz of Adrian's mistake , well with the same logic ? Barca lost coz of their defence being shaky n lazy ? So what , Liverpool at that time didn't deserve to win ? Nah , calm down just watch matches.

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