Reacci贸n de Hinchas del Liverpool en la sede oficial de Nueva York al partido enta el Atl茅tico de Madrid quien derrot贸 3-2 a los reds en un partido hist贸rico para los colchoneros. Unet茅 a #DiegolTv futbol como estilo de vida #Fan



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  1. I think every football fan, except liverpool fans, enjoyed this a lot. all the arrogance and listening to liverpool fans going on that it麓s the best team ever. we need champions league back soon. these moments cannot be replaced by anything else but football.

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  4. In British stucked-up way of see life. Spanish must always make mistakes lo lead Brits to victory. If it doesn't happen they force it by passing laws. In football case when playing home they advise referees to 1 whistle penalties (same kind will not be whistled if the Spanish team commits them) 2 Take cards (same kind will not be whistled if the Spanish team commits them). 3 Let their player be Outside when they press and be left alone to score. Unlike British Spanish don't have cousin races (people looking like us but speaking other language) that will encourage this type of judgement. What happens is that the league gives money to UEFA and many leaders are Brits also Brit teams have BIG PROBLEMS DRIBBLING if the game goes to that type they will loose many times. But they don't they always have their cousin referees to help them (remember world cup final Spain-Holland the kick on the chest from de Jong to Alonso if it would've been all the way around it was a red card, but Spain "had to loose and we will help our cousin to survive" ). And yes Brits are brave but life proves us it helps sometime not always (ask Germans they are brave too and beat Brits). Italtians are way more brave than Brits and (are latin). They invaded the island this very little army. Thing is brits AUTO-BRAINWASH that they OWN braveness and they must always forcelly win for this reason (Americans too) That's a Lie Even Spanish can be Brave (and sometime better teams we have from factory the dribbling) As this Simeone's team It can do both things defend and take the lead attacking and dribbling. Many games among Brit teams and Spanish would be even or a Brit defeat if it wasn't for this FACT that they use cousin referees to bind and compensate to score 1 "lucky goal and win". This is even racist to sabotage (with laws) Spanish performance. In this case Simeone (mixed with italian) was smart and avoided the referee's sabotage. But many can't do it and Spanish teams loose many times to get more goals against ,red cards, penalties for this reason. I mean Sometimes we can boast and the ARMADA thing happend in the games but 90% of modern cases are encouraged by Brits and their cousins. If a machine was to whistle they wouldn't draw or win many times just as this game. This has to stop (La liga pays too much as to not be treated equally.

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