Watch key highlights from Spain, where Saul’s goal meant the Reds have to come from a goal down at Anfield, if they’re to progress in the UEFA Champions League.


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26 Comentarios

  1. Watford 3-0 FC Loserpool
    Chelsea 2-0 FC Loserpool
    FC Loserpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid 😂😂

    R.I.P. FC Loserpool !

    Knocked out in Champions League in the last 16

    Knocked out from F.A. Cup in round 5

    Knocked out from Carabao League Cup in the quarter finals

    The first defeat in Premier League.

    All this between january and march 2019 😂😂.

    In one word: FC Loserpool 😂.

  2. PSG, Man City and Bayern to take UCL. Juventus will be out because they are infected with CoronaVirus by rugani and Barca are not playing well so they can be out of UCL.

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