Tras una gran jugada colectiva, Koke anota el tercero para dar el triunfo permanente al Atlético. Morata anotó los otros dos para completar la tercia de goles.


The Atletico Madrid captain finds the back of Espanyol’s net in the 90′ with the rojiblancos’ third goal of the game. Morata scored the other two completing the 3 goals.

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30 Comentarios

  1. I like Atletico but how can VAR find it right the first goal of Morata. He is my Juventus man that took out Real Madrid but still are we having VAR just for saying it that we have it. I love Atletico and Morata but he was offside. How much did the VAR referee got paid to call that a goal? Good luck to the new system.

  2. Espanyol played themselves. I thought it was in their hand when Morata missed 1 on 1 and they scored a goal. But congrats Atletico. Beat those asspanyol players front and back. Good job Morata.

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