Stewart Robson believes the writing is already on the wall for Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane following his a humiliating 7-3 defeat to arch rivals Atletico Madrid at the MetLife Stadium in New York in the International Champions Cup. Robson says Los Blancos showed “a lack of fitness, a lack of organization and a lack of desire” as Diego Simeone’s team ran riot against Zidane’s side.


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  1. What are you guys saying now..its been 3 months already and hes still in charge you POS pundits..this is how you see when the chemistry of a team changes under a new system without cr7.. It takes time ..not an easy task you can see Hazard playing a better football and his best allied ita Benzema ..the mid has found a great player on Valverde ..and Rodrygo has given a new face to this I guess this ESPN commentators should never say such a stupidity cause now they look like fools 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Those guys are paid to watch and analyse sport but they still judging teams by friendlies. Weve seen madrid destroy every on their path during preseason under Mourinho and they still underperform during the season. Preseason games exist just to make money and get the player coming back from vacation in shape.

  3. Zidane has pulled off a masterstroke here because he didn't want to go back but was given a huge contract with promises that can't be delivered and he knew that now he'll wait until he gets sacked and can sight promises were made and retire with a fucking fortune.

  4. ''Atletico's new players needed to adjust to Simeone, Zidane already new the players from last season'' says Shaka Hislop after Real Madrid bought 5 new players. How is this guy on television?

  5. These numpties soon will start sucking Tottenham's balls after slagging them for the last five years. Zidane should stick to playing as he's a moron managing the game

  6. Fuck harzard its all about chelsea–he thinks real is a better club so he left us –just like big pussy courtois who sucked last year and will suck this year

  7. I can't help. But laugh at the buffoons and the idiots in the comment section.
    So atletico beat real in the international champions cup and all of a sudden madrid is in ruins? Its a stupid unimportant competition. Wait till the real season starts and then we'll see just how good this new team is. Till then, just stfu. You only look stupid critisizing in preseason.

  8. Yes, Madrid has problems : old defence, old midfield, lack of true leaders etc. But you all are such a drama queens in this show, this is pre-season, nothing is set in stone yet, we have to wait and see what is gonna happen during the season.

  9. Fuck Zidane's arrogant attitude. He won 3 champions, all the praise for him. But it was on the shoulders of a great time and Ronaldo. And using the same players over and over again. These players are old, tired. And he still using them in pre-season games. What's that for shit mentality

  10. It could have been easily 8 or 9…Santiago solari s better than zidane….Zidane was very lucky to win 3 champions league…he s not a great tactician who can adjust any sort of circumstances

  11. those guys have no clue, like me they just talk shit alll thetime. it's time to shut the fuck up they are so annoying never managed a team but talk all that nonsense come back at me hen real wins the champions league…………

  12. It’s a preseason game and his brother just passed away
    Yes there are problems but I don’t expect zidane to win everything right away no one should Ronaldo just left and the squad needs time u can’t replace ur best player ever with 1 or 2 players and expect results right away give them next summer to make more signings and get the team back in track I think they could use a better midfielder than Modric and a backup to Kroos or casimerio

  13. Zidane will fail due to his poor tactics in trying to get rid of Bale instead of playing him, see what he can do & it will interest possible candidates in the race for his signature!

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