Joao Felix was most expansive incoming transfer in the history of Atletico Madrid. After debut match against Numancia, he scored first ⚽️ and made 2 assists against Real. Great performance in his first derby.


This analysis will try to explain why is he one of the best deal in football this summer.

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  1. From Benfica and this say everythink.
    The best kids schooll of futebol in the world.
    And come more kids.
    Actually Benfica play with 6 kids on principal team.
    Carrega Benfica
    Thanks for video. Amazing

  2. Crazy to think that he’s like Cristiano, because both are Portuguese. But honestly, this guy can take Portugal & Atletico to nothing but glory. Immense talent & that’s something you don’t teach, & instantly gives confidence to his teammates which is something Cristiano have to Portugal & Madrid. Now lol what Madrid is without him

  3. we already miss joão felix. he have learned and came from the best youth football school in the world in this century – Benfica youth academy.

  4. When it comes to pure talent, he’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. What separates him from the rest it’s his maturity at such a young age. And that is the key for his upcoming greatness. He will the best playermaker in the next years to come

  5. Still early days but you have to say for such young age he has great maturity and reading of the game beside his dribbling skills. I hope he continues to improve as he can be the next star of the Portuguese national team.

  6. Don't overhype this little kid I have watch him play in videos he is a great player it is too early to judge a player and compare him to legend like ronaldo remember what happen to Harry Kane, Salah and look right know hazard.And keep in mind athletic will never win ucl under Simone.So all athletico madrid fan boy don't overhype Felix.

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