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  1. shit performance as usual. tried to do stepovers at 2:46 and loses the ball easily. One of the worst dribblers in history in terms of conversion rate. And definitely the worst dribbler that ever won a Ballon d'or. Most overrated player in history.

  2. Cristiano Matheus brasileiro perfeito para próxima geração objetivo organismo normal acima da média no qi para reconstruir o brasileiro justiça e verdade lutando contra a miséria

  3. Thefasta, the agency that arranged the match, said before the game that Ronaldo was contracted to play on the field at least for 45 minutes, but he sat out the whole game on the bench even without stepping foot on the turf. He didn’t make any sincere apology about “not playing” and also cancelled the autograph session.

  4. If Cristiano Ronaldo has a teammate like Messi, it is not a problem for Juventus to win the Champions League. Messi does not have the leadership spirit of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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