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  1. Lmaooooo. They told us to wait till Hazard gets into a “decent” team as if Hazard didn’t play with premier league winning teams most of his PL career. Last season was Hazard’s peak; first 20 goal season at age 28, first most assists in the PL. His record in the UCL is so atrocious i don’t even wanna get into it but I’m supposed to believe “if you watch football you know that Hazard is the best in the PL” brigade? LOL.

  2. When one sees how many players go from one countries league to another & struggle it makes one realise how great Cristiano Ronaldo has been over the years… No matter what country or league. He always hits the ground fast! …Hazard struggle to adapt to another top league is just one of many players this has happened to over the years…Theirry Henry was brilliant in the English Premier league,but, was so-so when he played in Italy & Spain…More recently, players like Ibrahimovic, Bale, Sanchez, Coutinho, Di Maria, etc, all struggled in certain countries leagues & flourished in others.

  3. If you put a Madrid player under review then what you have to do to the entire At Madrid squad playing at home? Nah bro…… And Madrid still didnt have Mendy, Marcelo or Modric…… and an in shape Hazard.

  4. Zard will come back in 1 month to 1.5 month. Real Madrid where the better team in At Madrid house. Madrid leaders and have already played in Sevilla and At Madrid… Not too shabby. Disappointing in At Madrid home performance. Put some respect on Zidane and take some respect from Simeone. Not saying any trophy is a guarantee for Madrid but i def think Real Madrid had the better chances and where the less poor of the 2 sides IMO.

  5. People are saying Hazard is declining because La Liga is tougher…really? Cristiano went there and killed it, same with Modric, same with Bale, same with Suarez. Heck, even Carzorla (who couldn't hack it anymore in the PL) went back to Spain and is balling so it's not because of the league. Hazard is flopping because dude's mind isn't right, the weight shows that. He's not motivated which is a shame because had he started his Madrid career off right he'd probably be 3rd on the balon d'or podium.

  6. people need to understand that not only is hazard is still recovering from an injury, he is trying to fit into a completely different system than he's used to. people excpect that players need to fit into new systems seamlessly, when in reality, it might make time. people need to chill.

  7. Hazard is what he's always been.
    You just woke up.
    Oblak is what he's always been.
    Hazard is the young Juan What-za-Matta.
    Oblak is the best goalkeeper in the world.
    Welcome to the fringes of reality.

  8. Hazard is awful.He doesnt look like a profesional footbaler,this guy doesnt deserve to play for Real Madrid,let alone to wear the N7 shirt….CR was the GOAT the most profesional athete of all time and now we have this……I hope Vinicius and Rodrygo get their chance because they are easily better then Hazard right now…..the guy is a joke

  9. First of all chill this Atletico Madrid de Simione not fucking West Ham this is his first few games Ronaldo first season he didn't do anything Neymar's first season he was usless did you expect him to dribble trough ATLETICO MADRID even Messi doesn't do that the season is long .

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