Alejandro Moreno and Steve Nicol wrap up the summer transfer window on deadline day. (0:15) Which club won the transfer window? (1:20) Which team lost the summer? (2:40) What was the best transfer? (3:33) Who has the most to prove at their new club? (4:21) Who are the guys surprised didn’t make a move in the offseason?



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  1. Felix won't be the new Ronaldo. He will develop into a player as good as Griezmann, just not a Ballon D'Or candidate.
    Best Transfer was De Ligt I think. Such a great player, he will really bang out this season.

  2. I think there’s no argument that the worst in this transfer window was Man Utd. They lost their 2 best players in Lukaku and Sánchez and spent 90mil on Macguaire that with all due respect is not worth even half of that price. No other transfers in for a team that has only 2 strikers available and desperately needed a whole team revamp. Sad

  3. Atletico had great run at the transfer window but dont get carried away ppl

    Hermoso llorente are tragic addition for the club they will leave damage big one , they will blow atleti chances for any tilte shot this season , yes they found their new griezmann and lucas in felix and lodi but not Quite sure about their huge downgrade from Godin and Rodri to these 2 clowns from real

  4. I dont agree with Moreno at all.
    Bayern didn't get Leroy Sane, the ONE player they were hoping for.
    PSG had a lot of trouble, but at the end of the day, they have Navas, Icardi and Neymar in their team.
    Frenkie De Jong is a great player IF he can play like he did with Ajax. Atm he is not able to do what he can do best, because of Busquets

  5. after a year and a half of valverde forcing coutinho to play as a winger in a system that doesn't fit him at all, it's going to be extremely entertaining but also a little bittersweet to see him flourish as a central attacking player for bayern.

  6. how can a madrid be the winner, they lost griezman, rodri, hernandez, they are not better then last year, and after 3 hes talking they will win the la liga, give me a break,

  7. Stupid question.
    We re just in the beginning of the season and they allready judging the teams. PSG is the best time right now. But imagine what ? This year Just ligue 1. Today doesn't matter what u sign in ur Time. U have to prove it in the pitch.

  8. Moreno is retarded and needs to do his homework. While HE was busy looking up Neymar rumors, Leonardo was strengthening the PSG squad in defense, midfield, and attack all while still getting a profit from the transfer window. 9 smart signings and this guy who claims to know so much about the sport only focused on Neymar just like 80% of people this summer.

  9. If Bayern would bring nobody in they would win the league anyway? He smokin something? Dortmund just got stronger, Bayern got worse (excluding their tranfers) since Robben and Ribery left and they won by 2 points last year..
    PSG isn't a loser.
    They keep Neymar, who is a bitch, but doesn't protest in the end and will play.
    You got Icardi and you got Diallo.

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