We take on Atletico Madrid in our final International Champions Cup match of 2019 at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden! #ICC2019 #LiveAhead #AtletiJuve


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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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48 Comentarios

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo:

    From a house with no electricity to a house worth more than €1.6 million

    From no toys in Christmas to world’s most expensive car

    From a boy being bullied to a man who humiliates every car

    From a boy who was made fun for being poor to world’s richest athlete

    This is called Success

  2. Sarri should ike Put De Ligt In about a Month… To a possesion where he will sprint forwards to the goal in the last 20 minutes or 15 Minutes so if a corner will be taken place myb like that Fix: But It's Hard if u can't'speak Italian and It's Hard if u don't know that much yet… he just came so yeah.

  3. Se l'Atletico avesse messo il pullman davanti alla porta magari avrebbe subito di meno, hanno segnato due gol con due tiri e sono stati soppressi per tutto il tempo dalla Juventus che attaccava senza dargli un attimo per fiatare. Molto meglio questa Juventus, rispetto a quelli di allegri, che dopo il primo gol minimo si metteva in difesa a subire.

  4. Really good game bianconeri! But we were just unlucky for the goals, because we played better than atletico. Good performance! Douglas is the best😍

  5. 1. Juventus has reduced its three-day schedule to one day.

    2. Nevertheless Juventus was late and the kickoff was delayed by 57 minutes.

    3. Sarri lied that the entry procedure took more than two hours. (Actually, 26 minutes)

    4. Nedvěd demanded the first and second half be reduced to 40mins each, and threatened to cancel the competition by paying a penalty if the request was not met.

    5. Cristiano Ronaldo did not even participate in fan meetings and autograph event events under the pretext of preparing for the competition.

    6. Cristiano Ronaldo was contacted to play 45 minutes, but he stayed on the sub' bench.

    7.Cristiano Ronaldo left South Korea without a wave to the 63,000 spectators who gathered to see him.

    8. Sarri ridiculed fans by saying he would pay for tickets if they wanted to see Cristiano Ronaldo play in Italy.

    9. Cristiano Ronaldo, who arrived in Turin the day after the match, posted a video clip on his Instagram of running exercises.

    All of the above are true, and these are the reasons why Korean fans are angry with Cristiano Ronaldo. Korean fans were very disappointed with his fan service. Most of the people who gathered there that day were gathered to see him.

    Not only he didnt play, he didnt even do any formal greeting or interview for Korean fans. He just showed how irritated and annoyed he was while he was in Korea.

    The words can not describe how disrespectful he was to Korean fans.

    and he will be remembered as the rudest soccer player who ever visited Korea.

  6. Allegri benched DYBALA too many times. He started to lose his confidence and flow. Play him every game start and he will shine as he is the JEWEL, Remember his hat trick in the CL when CR was red carded. He's gold.

  7. Douglas Costa is SERIOUSLY underrated. Everytime I see him playing, its like seeing Messi level gameplay.

    Please make Douglas Costa,CR7 and Dybala the forward line SARRI!

  8. Dove mandare via desciglio e prendere un terzino destro forte….gia sento la mancanza di cancello…che cazzata che avet fatt….parataci rimedia subito 😡😡😡😡😡🤟

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