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  1. What is it about Willian that's so appealing to Barcelona? He must've had some absolute blinders against them while he was at Shakhtar or something cos I don't get it at all. I know they lack natural width with all their wide players being more like forwards (even Dembele's going in that direction) but Barca have always been about, at least since Cryuff, pushing the full backs as high as possible so they don't need proper wingers. Is he tight with Coutinho or something? It's a complete mystery to me. LOL

    I will say much as I agree he's the perfect cash-in player at this point in his career, he does deserve credit for not kicking up a fuss about this. Doesn't matter who you are if Barca express this much desire to sign you it's gunna play on your mind and we haven't heard a peep of discontent from Willian about it. Fair play to him actually 🙂

  2. Definitely we should sell willian for anything north if 30 million, we wont be getting a better offer and no one in a similar position that we wanna sell would bring in that much!

    I we have enough people to cover, I think izzy brown, kenedy, charly musonda or even use tammy out wide, help develop him….

    Regardless of transfer ban we should sell!!!!

  3. Charly musonda is a winger also……
    I feel we are for the first time in a while, getting a manager who has been there and done all in terms of being a footballer.
    Being a midfield legend, I believe the likes of bakayoko, van ginkel (if he hasn't been sold yet), musonda, moses, mount et all would benefit more. (Ofcourse you put makelele der n Drogba also…and it's a coaching crew of specialist in every division outfield)

  4. As Chelsea fans we should all know that this season is a write off. Sell Willian and Pedro they are old end off and give the kids chances buy after the ban

  5. If Barcelona come back with another bid of 45 plus we should consider selling and give mason mount a chance till after the transfer ban and rebuild the guy is getting old

  6. Should have sold him for £50m back when we still had a chance to replace him with Bailey, Neres or Pepe. Right now we can't unless we get the ban frozen and get one of the three mentioned above in. Another factor that might come back to bite Chelsea if they do just that would be the point of not having experienced players to lead the youngsters through this season. There has to be a balance in my opinion for the season to be as successful (top 4) as we know it can be considering the talent. Nevertheless it all depends on what Lampard (If he takes over) and the club want to achieve this particular season. Remember we still have Musonda and Kenedy as well. He could well go all out youth for a season. Aim for atleast a top 6 finish. Which I'd still be supporting 100%. Let's wait and see. 👍

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