Two of the biggest games of the series. Cardiff City have lost four of their last five. It’s a series defining episode today with so much at stake!


Thanks for watching guys, and enjoy your weekend! ❤️


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  1. Some of your issues come from lack of thinking to be honest. For example, logically a sweeper keeper has the ball in feet MUCH more than a normal keeper, and that obviously leads to more possession and better play out of defense, but it also leads to more mistakes as well. The issue is not the keeper but the tactical ideology. Same with using a support winger formation and telling them to be narrow??? The main thing they do is run down the wing and cross the ball. Imagine the manager telling you you're a winger but you need to play narrow, especially for a guy like Ryan who is left footed down the left. What is he supposed to do? If you want to play like that then make them inside forwards or at least wingers on attack to get more out of them. Low crosses is ridiculous as well when you have a enormous striker. Whipped ou mixed would fit much more. Use next preseason to test some stuff out or maybe the late league games that have less value. Depending on your results you can see what you need to go after in the transfer window. Much love and good luck!

  2. Comment section: "If you change the Goal Keeper role to defensive and standard GK instead of Sweeper, you'll get a lot less howlers from Onana."
    JC: makes no changes, Onana keeps making howlers

  3. Also having Wingers with Narrow team makes no sense, You wanting to play inside football, while having players that try to go outside

  4. Its funny, ajax played a game 2 days ago and onana allowed in an absolute shocker own goal while playing FC emmem and the only thing i could think of was "you live by onana, you die by onana"

  5. Hey docks. I don't know if this is possible for you to do, but I would like to see you live stream, maybe the transfer window next season or even just some games, In that stream you could answer questions and show things in the save that people want to see as well. In addition people will donate which you can give to charity.

  6. In the summer, it would be nice to see an episode where you make your transfers. I’ve seen other youtubers spend an entire episode buying and selling players, and I find it really interesting to see their thinking on who to sign. Regardless of that, the content is great anyway

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