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  1. Great performance from Juventus. Atletico nowhere to be seen. And yet there is a massive referee's mistake at the end, when Chiellini should have been given a yellow card and Correa granted a penalty. Would have felt unfair to see Atletico go through after showing nothing for 90 minutes, but still difficult to explain from a refereeing point of view.

  2. señor jorge ramos de ezpn tiene mucho razon ya le regalaron un penal pues siempre ayudan al barcelona o al real madril que verguensa de equipos si los albitros o champiom no los ayudan fracasan mas al barcelona

  3. If Both Ronaldo played for Barcelona then Barca would have won the champions league every single year. Messi is talented but he’s not a gladiator like Ronaldo.

  4. Rule number 1:- in football: Never doubt CR7.
    Rule number 2:- To All fans of other Clubs do not irritate the legend Cristiano Ronaldo or you will blame yourself at the end.
    Rule number 3:- Don't forget the first and second rules.

  5. Why keep comparing other players to Cr7 it's pointless it's not even up for debate. Cr7 as gone again and again and again to different league's TOP LEAGUES and keeps doing what he does best. You can name ALL THE GREATS but NO ONE as done or is doing what CR7 as done or is doing. Messi who Neymar who ect. I'D LOVE to see Messi LEAVE Barca and perform the same I highly doubt it Messi knows he won't and that's why he's staying put and that's a fact. Neymar is just a average player plz don't compare stop comparing. Cr7 was MAN.U WAS REAL.M AND IS JUVENTUS keep watching haters it's just begun he just started new team new league new Records😂😂😂😂😂😂. Long live the king of Futebol.

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