Alejandro Moreno, Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Gab Marcotti of ESPN FC offer post-match analysis for Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid, which Juve won 3-0 for a 3-2 aggregate victory in the UEFA Champions League round of 16. They discuss Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat trick, Federico Bernardeschi’s performance, Diego Simeone’s tactics, Massimiliano Allegri’s tactics for Juve, Atleti’s lack of goals and chances and more.


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  1. craig burley might still want to head a soccer ball for aesthetic reasons. that heading does damage the frontal lobes, and so him heading a soccer ball will damage his fronal lobes, even repeatedly. as well as even one time. but sometimes it is still worth it. excellent goals, and often evne getting a girl, or a woman.

  2. Messi scores a hat trick against Betis and these guys praise him like a King. Ronaldo scores a hat trick against ATM in the Champions League and they don’t appreciate his greatness at all. Some of these pundits disgust me. CR7=🐐

  3. What fee 100m for the best player in the world? Neymar was 200m hasn't done squat they could have been eliminated and Ronaldo would have still been a bargain just off of his jersey sales..

  4. so according to that guy if CR plays a great game in CL is because he wants publicity. Unbelievable. He's one of the greatest players of all time you moron he's a professional footballer football is his job and his passion he wants to play and to excell at what he does and for the record he played many games in serie A even against small teams like Empoli. So what he's saying is complete BS.

  5. If messi did it, they would have just licked pessi's ass all day long. I mean just look at the caption. Just give credit where its due even if you hate him so much. Bloody butthurts

  6. Does espn get a handjob or a blowjob from Messi? Such disgusting people these are. Not criticizing Messi here. He is a legend. But if this talk were about Messi, they would surely be sanctioning money to replace Jesus with Messi. By showing this kind of attitude, they have lost so much respect. Congrats!

  7. Guys I'll tell you one thing, in the preview of this match you can watch yourself they were saying that atletico would love to defend 2-0 all day and all that, and now when Ronaldo has scored hattrick they are saying o they were defending all night they became narrow and all that bullshit and they just can't appreciate him enough that he has done what nobody could have even imagined(im talking about the haters) espn fc are a bunch of hypocrites and pessi dickriders
    Take this L losers.
    Respect the GOAT🤫🤫🤫

  8. what are these donkeys talking about? only person with braincells is Gab Marcottti! the rest are donkeys. Juve beat ATM with an outstanding team performance, if Ronaldo wasn't playing mandzukic wouldve scored or Dybala and Berna, Juve is a team, we don't play for Ronaldo we play for Turin and the loyal fans. shut up about Ronaldo and enjoy good football. Forza juveeeeeee

  9. Am i the only one that thinks that these guys are lost? I mean they have no words left to justify his performance in my opinion! It was hilarious to watch them like this!🤣🤣🤣

  10. its easy to be on top when u r loved and people are with u ,but its really difficult sometimes impossible to be loved by some but hated by many & ppl r not in your side ,criticised for whtvr u do,how much u achieve, u still overcome everything because you have such positive and such great mental strength ,i dont think there can be any player stronger thn cristiano ronaldo mentally he alwaya believes n dedicates the most ,i am always surprised by his abilities ,unbelievable athleticism ,unbelievable mental strength ,the best he's not a human

  11. I think pl clubs sooner play Atletico as they are more of a hustle and bustle side like the pl sides left. City play nice stuff but never done it v a decent side. Repeated failures in Europe v da big boys season after season after season… AND Monaco and last year v a team WO a league title in nearly 30 years. Shameful.

  12. These guys hate ronaldo and will praise him with hesitation when he's performed to good. Saw it since the world cup. A tap in from messi and they'll make it sound like he's found the cure to cancer

  13. He is arrogant but he has the right to be. May be the only player who has that right.
    Ronaldo is simply dope.
    The Man the Myth the Legend

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