Cristiano Ronaldo has had some legendary nights over the course of his incredible Champions League career. It’s possible, though, that none have been as legendary as the one against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday night.


Juventus went into their last-16 second-leg clash against Atletico Madrid needing something of a miracle to qualify for the next round, having lost 2-0 in the Spanish capital three weeks ago.

Ronaldo told Sky Sport Italia: “It had to be a really special night and it was.

“If we continue like this, we have not won yet but we have reasons to be proud and we are on the right way.

“That’s why Juve signed me and I tried to do my best job.

“It’s a magical night. It was a very difficult team to play but we showed that we were a very big team. We proceed step by step, we will see.”

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  1. Well done ronaldo and specially team juve.
    For me club doesn't matters.
    It's ronaldo what matters.
    Followed him since I got cable in my television. (Manu -> real -> juventus -> …)

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