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Juventus Vs Atletico Madrid | Post Match Analysis 3/12/2019 [Exclusive]


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  1. i don t call him goat now he proved himself a long time ago, he is the one who scored in most decisive games , messi is veryyyy veryyy good but there was to mutch failure to call him goat , i mean how many ucl real madrid won just from ronaldo goals cmon he isa the goat

  2. There is no player better then Messi he is the master of football he show the art of football Ronaldo just wait for crosses in the box he score the most loaf goals in football history

  3. He left Man United cos everyone booed him in England then he left Madrid cos he wasn’t happy .Messi has always been happy in the best footballing side in the world ,I still fail to see how Argentina’s top ever goal scorer AND assists can be a failure ,he has to create and score ,Ronaldo just has to score to have played well .Argentinian football is in a mess politically and Messi gets the blame .

  4. Player like Messi is rare but Pele, Maradona, Di Stefano, Ronaldo (Brazilian) and Ronaldinho all were similar to Messi. Brilliant on the ball, great vision, deadly finishing…
    However, I have never seen anything remotely close to CR7. He is the most awkward addition to the pantheon of the greatest.

  5. It's incredible how Cristiano has fooled a hole world into thinking he is the best.. His abilities is confined to the box and other than that tiny area of the pitch, he is an average player. Furthermore he has consciously signed for the teams that are most likely to dominate all others, so he can be fed for 90 minutes every match. Moreover he has fooled the world into thinking that the player who scores the most goals – no matter how – is the best player.

    It's like a glich in the matrix. People have to wake up and assess things more carefully! He's the greatest striker of all time, but the game is so much more than what happens inside the box, for god's sake! And by the way, an attractive upper body and a twinkle in the eye has got nothing to do with football!

  6. He's the greatest of all time With no single doubts, he has shown his greatness in the world of football in three different league's and also standing out as the key player of the club's in all his seasons, if there's any other football player that is to be compared With Cristiano Ronaldo, nor that is to be crowned as the greatest of all time in the world of football, that player must have to go out to different league's to truly show the entire world that he truly deserves to be crowned as the greatest of all time in the world of football just as Cristiano Ronaldo has proved himself, my point of view is very clear on this issue of people that are trying to position another player who has been playing he's football game in one club one country seasons after seasons, for someone to be crowned as superior above others the person must prove it from home and outside home as well.

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