Another Football Tactics Explained. Alex Stewart and Joe Devine examine Atletico Madrid under Diego Simeone; their tactics, traits and players.
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► This was Written by Alex Stewart and Produced/Narrated by Joe Devine!
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25 Comentarios

  1. Man for man they aren't the equal of Barca or Real, but Simeone can get his players crawling across broken glass for him to make up a vast chunk of any deficit. They really weren't far from winning the Champions League twice in three years.

  2. Very safe and somewhat effective (and necessary if you have not strong team of players) but boring to watch. Conservative 4-4-2 formation creates gap between midfield and offense. Sometimes strikers become too isolated from their teammates and therefore unable to create anything. Sometimes such tactics are too negative.

  3. please could you do vincenzo montella at ac milan video he was strong tactically just was not given time in my opinion thanks guys keeo up good work and videos of diego simeone as a player and early career in argentina as a manager

  4. How about a video about Tele Santana one of the greatest coaches ever. Brazil 82 and the later Sao Paulo team which defeated Cruyff's Barcelona "dream team" and then Capello's AC Milan! Must be a great subject for lovers of beautiful football.

  5. The 'press of a bad touch' trigger comes from Futsal, which South Americans are versed in. Also it's funny how Simeone is a tactical genius for 4-4-2 yet English managers who play it are dinosaurs!

  6. If Glazers wants Manchester United to be a successful & much more organised side, then hire Diego Simeone for sure, he is obviously one of the most intelligent managers, promotes youths, nurture them & make them stars, at the same time his team fights for the championship & grabs it..That's what we need in Manchester United..We would like to see the vintage Manchester United which we have been seen for a long time..I think Simeone would be smart movie after Mourinho era..

  7. That's actually a very similar philosophy to catenaccio. Simeone played and trained here in Italy so I guess he probably learned something from italian tactics

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