Hi, In this video I have compiled the reactions of the famous footballers Juventus 3-0 Atletico Madrid. The video features football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Griezmann, Dybala, and Diego Simeone,


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  1. Bernadeschi played an epic game. He played like his life was dependent on this match. He will become one of the greats in days to come if he plays like this

  2. Ronaldo is a goal machine. And football is zero without goal..
    Last time fifa, uefa all award given to Luka Modrick. That was the very disappointed for football fan and of course specialy CR7 fan.
    Ronaldo deserve the ballon D'OR but he doesn't have it. Luka Modrick won the it. What he does this season?

  3. This match was very strange. First Ronaldo's goal was great, while other two goals are doubtful. In the second goal, the ball was not completely entered in the nets and before the third goal or penalty, one of Atletico's players was more than obviously pushing one Juventus's player and thus the penalty was awarded. In addition, Atletico Madrid in this match was not altogether fought. It seems to me that this match was furnished. How could Ronaldo predict that he would win???

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