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  1. Funny to see a lot of spanish thinking the game is over. Juventus played a shitty game, and without 2 free kick the game would ended 0-0. It's a game with 2 of the greatest european team, none is decided yet. 60% Atletico 40% Juventus imho.

  2. Jodete cristiano !!
    Sin el Madrid dejaste de ser el segundo mejor jugador del mundo !!!
    Fuck you cristiano !!
    With out Madrid, you stopped being the second best player in the world. !!!

  3. Penaldo score 19 goals because there's is not good team in serei a and Juvantus are already unstoppable team in Italy before he join and juvantus dominated in serei a since from 7/8years without ronaldo so i think with or without Ronaldo Juvantus will continued to dominate in serei a that means with or without ronaldo Juvantus strong team and capable of winning any trophy but this season Juvantus performance very poor in the champions league this season and i think it's because of ronaldo and with ronaldo Juvantus team look very weak team in the champions league compared to last season juvantus better played front dybala , manzuki and costa, without ronaldo because ronaldo performance is very bad in the champions league this season ,example without ronaldo Juvantus beat young boys when they front , manzuki, dybala and costa and with Ronaldo they lose to young boys and united

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