Hi everyone! Welcome to this new Analysis. I felt like my last analysis didn’t pay tribute to Atletico’s defense. So here is a video analysis of tactical concepts colchoneros use to defend with such level. Please feel free to leave a like if you enjoyed!


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  1. Also notice how the Atletico players body shape funnels the Juve players into the wide areas where they then outnumber the Juve attackers. Quite often creating a defensive 2v1 or 3v1 or 3v2. So you've got numerical superiority in a tight space where it's difficult to score a goal.

    In all of the clips you can see the AM players inviting Juve to play it wide then as soon as they've "trapped" them they press with numerical superior. Even Ronaldo will struggle vs 2/3 opponents in a tight area.

  2. Great vid, love watching tactics vids like this.

    It inspires me to go on FM and try out these tactics, which I will inevitably fail and rage quit. Then I come back to these vids and get inspired again. It's a vicious cycle!

  3. Even if it's ugly to watch, I thank Atletico to exist and Diego Simeone to be so intelligent… Because every great team play basicely the same football ! He's the only one who understand that you can win not with copying the strenghts of your opponent (high pressing, possession), but by countering his weaknesses

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