Hi everyone! Welcome to this new analysis, let’s see how Atletico perform with their best player!


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  1. Hi guys! This is official, Antoine Griezmann announced he would be an Atletico player next season.
    Perfect time for me to upload this analysis, because without their French star, Atlético would not have been performing the way they have those last 4 seasons.
    And they won Europa League thanks to his goals against Arsenal and Marseille.
    What do you think? Should he have gone to Barca?

  2. Do you think that Barca will suffer because of his choice?As a Barca fan it was hard for me to imagine Messi and Grizi together.But on the other hand Suarez is really bad atm.

  3. Did anyone really expect atletico to loose? This isn't just a sub par team, its a team that could win the champions league in the future. Atletico have beaten the likes of Barca and Bayern so this french team had no chance.

  4. Best thing about this football channel is the choice of background music. In some of the other channel videos the background music can get pretty annoying. So good job with the chillhop music in the back and most importantly the content. Subscribed and waiting for more high quality content.

  5. On dirait que tu passe plus de temps à reupload qu'à faire de nouvelles vidéos mec

    mais bon c'est toi qui décide j'ai rien à dire

  6. Lmao Piotr you were petty af with it 🙂
    Let the boy Njie be, you know twitter has been clowning his ass enough
    And thank the gods you didn't decide to analyze Griezmann's fucking teasing campaign (that's what I expected, I gotta say, I was gonna get mad with you man lol)

  7. I really wanted him to stay. Atletico is really underrated in a weird way in my opinion and he is like the face of Atletico. Plus I like Barca and all but I would rather see Griezmann play his heart out in Madrid rather than go to a team full of superstars.

  8. Atletico Madrid next season


    Vrsaljko Godin Gimenez F.Luis

    Saul Rodri Koke Lemar


    Hopefully they win something. D.Simione did a great job

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