Is this the end of Atletico Madrid? – ESPN FC
Is this the end of Atletico Madrid? – ESPN FC
Is this the end of Atletico Madrid? – ESPN FC


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  1. You know what happened? what happens to everybody, sometimes you win sometimes you lose, such is football and what Marcotti said is actually right, they just didn't put the chances away and it happens to everybody.

  2. Qarabag deserve a ton of credit. Just getting to the UCL group stages was a miracle for them. When they were drawn against 3 excellent teams, many people (myself included) thought they'd get smashed every game, and when they lost their opener 6-0 it didn't help their case. They've since pushed Roma to the limit, making them work their asses off to win 2-1 in Azjerbaijan and held Atletico to draws both home and away – which is an impressive feat for literally any team in the world, forget a massive underdog like Qarabag. They've shown not only a ton of heart and character, but that there's genuine talent in Azjerbaijan. So hats off to them, and I hope they continue to turn heads around the world with more incredible performances.

  3. 1:03 Not a real team? Fuck you asshole! What a disrespecting piece of shit you are? Who the hell is this prick anyway? Have you ever even played professional football or have you even played on the champions league stage to talk like that? Hell, even if you have, you have no right to talk like that. Even legendary players like Gerrard and Lampard weren't talking like that about Qarabag after they lost 6-0 to Chelsea, so who the fuck are you? Instead of praising the team and paying the necessary respect for not losing to Atletico in Madrid with only 10 MEN, you disrespect them? You call yourself professional? How can anybody even hire a pundit like that? It is embarrasing for the TV channel as well to hire someone, who should be sacked for such disrespect. Fucking useless piece of shit.

  4. Wait, UEFA Madrid gets their ban lifted but Atletico doesn’t? That’s a load of bullshit. Real’s scenario was way worse than Atletico’s and they get their ban lifted? What world are we living in

  5. You guys need to get rid of Moreno, as soon as a big team have a bad slump they quick to talk abt end of an era, and the worst part is all these guys were absolute shit in their playing days lol smh

  6. It hurts my heart to see Atletico not win , yeah they wont win every game but seeing as we were regular semi-finalists in the champions league we should be doing better , that transfer ban really hurt us

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