Title: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Atletico Madrid HD 1080i (10/05/2017)
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  1. all credits to Isco he just does all the job a perfect playmaker for madrid and also modric & kroos did a good job at center…Kudos to madrid for victory and obviously not the best from CR7 but still hes the best for me…..CR7 for life

  2. CR7 IL EST TROP personel il ne fait pas des passe il ne joue pas en colectif
    il crois que ces lui seul qui doit marquer les but ces sa qui lui different de MESSI
    et meme les joueurs de REAL sont tous personel
    mais en barca ils sont solidaire chacun veut que son adversaire marque entres MNS
    mais en REAL ya pas cette esprit de groupe

  3. Many of the coaches and players who once said messi is the greatest ever, mostly all of them has changed Their opinion and now says Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest ever, for ex:- Pele, Brazilian Ronaldo, maradona, sir Alex Ferguson and many more..Come on hater's world know's and you guys too that, Cristiano Ronaldo the the greatest ever in everything the god of football fact another balon"dor coming siiuuuu, and if you guys still disagree you're either on weed or you guy's need special treatment 😎👑🔝💯7⃣ Ronaldo has 46 Goals in 45 game's the season for club and country..And he's gonna win UCL , laliga, uefa super cup, balon'dor, uefa p.o.t.y., FIFA best player, and club world cup.. Where's pessi the pest anal raped guy 😂😂😂

  4. cr7 se sienta en el pionono de carne !! traduscanlo si no entienden !! aguante el atletico de madrid ¡¡ no se escucha no se escucha sos amargo come pipa hijo de puta !!

  5. 1st time seeing ronaldo happy without scoring goals (Madrid ronaldo fan) coz he know he played very well:)
    The 1st goal(isco) was very planned…Ronaldo purposely hit the ball on gabi to make a throw in and benzema was waiting for ronaldo's throw and benzema was ready to dribble past 3 defenders where kroos was in the penalty to shoot and isco waiting for the ball to tap in if kroos missed it…and he missed it and directly to the feet of isco and a tap in…GOAL. .And we are on our way to Cardiff #UCL #HALAMADRID 👑

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