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Atletico Madrid 2-1 Real Madrid (Agg 2-4) – Full Post Match Analysis

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34 Comentarios

  1. I'm a Real Madrid fan. Earlier on before the UCL semi finals I was in mind thinking Real Madrid and Juventus are 2 of the best teams in this tornament and in the end I was right. Juventus are tough but then Real Madrid are a better team because of their great quality of play. Juventus are defensive and Real Madrid are attacking but not really. Real Madrid are more defensive than attacking so it will be a tight game in the final plus Real Madrid lost against them in the UCL semi final in 2014/16 by 3-2 that was when Real Madrid were playing like machines. Real Madrid have became more methodical ever since Zidane took over. Oh wait they became methodical Zidane style is more clean and creates less risks. He's style is counter pressing defensive.

  2. Rio and Steve are respectful of both Real and Juventus. They are great pundits, who know what the fuck they are talking about, unlike the ESPN idiots, as mentioned by all the great comments below by many others on this post. They are also very classy.

  3. Many of the coaches and players who once said messi is the greatest ever, mostly all of them has changed Their opinion and now says Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest ever, for ex:- Pele, Brazilian Ronaldo, maradona, sir Alex Ferguson and many more..Come on hater's world know's and you guys too that, Cristiano Ronaldo the the greatest ever in everything the god of football fact another balon"dor coming siiuuuu, and if you guys still disagree you're either on weed or you guy's need special treatment 😎👑🔝💯7⃣ Ronaldo has 46 Goals in 45 game's the season for club and country..And he's gonna win UCL , laliga, uefa super cup, balon'dor, uefa p.o.t.y., FIFA best player, and club world cup.. Where's pessi the pest anal raped guy 😂😂😂 Hala Madrid Viva Cristiano Ronaldo

  4. how english pundits are disappointed when Real Madrid win, I will never understand. But when barcelona scores 3 fake goals, they dance in the studio. That's why they will never win anything as a nation.

  5. English football smells like my cum, it smells like shit, english teams are shit, the nation of England is kicked out of Europe, nation of England is like my pee, the ugly hairy queen SUX balls. England SUCKS. England National Team sucks. Everything about England SUX.

  6. interesting how the 'experts' ignore the fact that juventus haven't lost in the cl, will use the experience of losing a final as a motivation, ignore that real Madrid got there with ghost goals, that Juventus beat them last time they played, and that Juventus COMPREHENSIVELY dismantled Barcelona who are clearly a better team. but yeah of course they kiss the spanish arses because it doesn't push their narrative of selling their channel. arrogance on all parts. no way real madrid should be there, that ref should have been sacked on the spot. we'll see who wins but I've definitely enjoyed watching world class defending and goals from juventus instead of real madrid playing against sloppy teams with an unbalanced team playing half football.

  7. Ronaldo is a selfish cunt, i hope he dont do this ageints Juventus and Marcelo need to work back in defence its to much space on his side and Juventus will uss that

  8. If Bale plays in the final I will flip. He won't be ready.Isco should play that game but, Perez will likely force Zizous hand. I like Bale but he should start on the bench.

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