Does Diego Simeone and his Atlético Madrid tactics work as well in Football Manager 2017? Using Freiburg as the example, let’s find out!
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► This was Created by Chris Darwen! Edited by Danny Sayers.
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End Card Song: Bankrupt Blues by The Hummingbirds


24 Comentarios

  1. I don't mean to come across as a hater, more as a constructive critic of this series as I think it has the potential to become a big thing for people who want to learn how to play FM.
    1. Get a pop filter – hard to listen sometimes and lots of plosives.
    2. Get a better camera – it is evidently poor quality and this channel can do better!
    3. Try to use some more inflections when talking – without you meaning to, I feel your voice can become monotonous at times and this sometimes makes it look like you aren't enjoying making the video – loosen up a bit!
    4. 3:24 – should have been re-taken, it took my attention away from the information and findings being presented to the production quality.
    Again, don't want to hate because I really like this channel and this series in particular!

  2. Please do a "Tactics Tested" episode of Liverpool under Klopp. The high-press, weaknesses, strengths, special player instructions and what kind of training would you imply for different players?

  3. I think it would be really interesting if you tried to replicate a system that is poor in real life, like a team in a relegation battle, then go back to said team and with those players, try to employ a system that would work.

  4. The problem with this system in FM is that wingers can't function the way they do in real life in this system in this series of FM. Wingers are hardcoded to keep an eye on the opposing full back at all times regardless of instructions or mentality. This is because of the issue with crosses that the last iteration of FM had. With sides like Atletico and Villarreal for example it is vital that wingers close down the central midfield aggressively, often negating opposition fullbacks till they actually become a real threat. Because of this (in my opinion bad) winger mechanic playing formations with 2 central midfielders is very difficult to get right. You probably need one of the strikers to fill up the midfield space, which is what Atletico sometimes does in real life aswell. But in FM you are basicly always forced to do this to not get outnumbered and overloaded.

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