Title: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Atletico Madrid UHD 4K Home (08/04/2017)
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  1. Ronaldo dont worry you are the best player keep traning you have bayern munich tommorow and i hope u win because i will be watching ur match tommorow.

  2. I really don't like Zidane's tactics. Most of our goals this season have been coming off of crosses or set pieces. Cross, cross, cross is what Zidane is making our players do. I appreciate his work and the UCL title we won with him last season but his tactics are weird and they definitely don't fit Ronaldo's play style. Our team under Carlo Ancelotti was so much more fun to watch. They played with hunger and playing off of the counter has went missing since his departure. It is what it is. Zidane's tactics seem to be working. Top of the table and still in the Champions League. Let's hope for the best against Bayern on Wednesday! Hala Madrid! 💪

  3. First half he played better and try to score. But second half the ball was not passed to him. Madrid need to be more concentrate on set piece. Wednesday we have big game against Munich.Zidane should more concentate on attacking rather than defensive! Hala Cr7! Hala madrid😊

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