Natalie Rydstrom from Sportsbook Review, Alex @Need4Tips, sportswriter Martin Green @MartinWGreen and Big Man on Campus @JeffNadu preview and offer their free betting predictions and football match tips for the UEFA Champions League quarter-final 2ND LEG football match Leicester vs Atletico Madrid playing on Tuesday 18th April 2017.


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Automated Video Transcription:

let’s start then with the toughest one
Leicester vs atletico madrid obviously
ending one-nil to Atletico Madrid
leicester still in a bad shape there to be
heading into their to their home match
they’re on their second leg Atletico
Madrid 2.1 draw 3.5 Leicester 3.8
anybody think that Leicester can get
anything out of this because I’ve got a
sneaky feeling that they will not enough
to play it but not but I’m not backing
Atletico Madrid and you rethink Leicester
think I’d anything out of this or you’re
playing the away win uh I don’t think
they can I think I think it’s all going
to end here for elasticity which I said
before I don’t think they’re worthy of
being on this level football really they
can’t score atletico madrid’s only
conceded twice in the last nine games I
know they’re going to go for it here
they’re going to really try their
artists here but that defense is really
strong and probably one of the best in
the world may be other than you Ventus
um yeah I don’t see it I mean you got to
look at the fact that history feature
itself six to eight percent of the teams
that win one nothing in the first leg
have moved on to the second round I
think this is a one nothing win honestly
I don’t think leicester city can score I
really don’t I think they’ll just
playback Atletico maybe get one on the
counter I’m not love with this game I
like the other one more but I really
can’t see Leicester City scoring to be
honest yeah would you would you play it
let’s go Matt ridwan I think it’s pretty
fair Natalie I mean I get it on five
dimes at you know slightly above even um
yeah I mean you look at the last 12 away
let it go is not lost so I feel like if
you can get a draw no bet that might be
the the play but I don’t know I this
isn’t a game i’m in love with but I just
really don’t think athletic elestra
could score here yeah drawn over at one
point five maybe the under one a little
low there so you were to lay a hundred


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  1. I support Arsenal, so nothing against Leicester, But I hope Leicester get battered tonight for sacking old  Claudio, and sacking the man , after all he did for Leicester, Wenger out.

  2. Leicester did well to escape Spain with ZERO goals conceded from Atletico in open play. Apart from a sketchy penalty it would have been much closer. Anyways, leading into the second leg; Huth is out due to his yellows.. Morgan will be in the lineup Tuesday 100% though. I was at the Leicester match against Palace at Selhurst this Saturday. Leicester went up 2-0 and then literally just chilled out the rest of the match. Mahrez off at 60th, Drinky only played the last 10 mins..But Vard's looked sharp and Danny Simpson did a fine job marking (on form Wilf Zaha) out of the match, a quick player similar to Griezmann's standard. But It looked like after half time they were going into energy reservation mode for Tuesday. Thanks Natalie for being the only one with some Lesta faith! I know Leicester will score. Im just worried a 2-1 home win won't be enough due to the away goals rule

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