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  1. all of those british twats, are the first ranting every fucking day, "you come to our country you respect the rule or fuck off" – lead by example you fucking twats…

  2. These fucking morons make me ashamed to be english.
    bunch of pissheads who couldnt fight their way out of a paper bag .
    The old bill should come armed with 30 russians to help disperse the cunts.

  3. Typical English fans in Europe….and then will plead they were angelic and minding their own business.
    Send in the Russians… put a few of these pricks back into hospital

  4. in reality there were many russian hooligans, pretending to be english. They ran away after and police started to attack peaceful fans.

  5. The point is, these silly drunk guys posed no real threat to anyone but themselves but yet the cops went in heavy handed why? Because they were English, now what's going to happen in the return leg, when good Spanish football fans face drunk yobs in England at Leicester, the cops have made the whole thing worse that's the point.

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