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  1. One of the worst UCL final of the century! Atletico parking the bus for the entire match after their 1st goal just ruins the whole joy and fun of football, Atletico is a boring ass team to watch or witnessed to be most accurately and they're just a typical total crap of a club like other 2 fraud Spaniard teams. RM shooting all their chances wide just shows how clueless and mindless that entire squad truly is. Not only Barca plays one of the worst football to the eyes of mankind but RM and Atletico seems to also join into that group of bad footballing! Lmao! ABSOLUTELY DISGRACE OF A FINAL! Don't even get me started on the 2015 and 2016 UCL finals how lucky those Spaniard cunts were to able to win or they were always lucky to be willing in getting in these back to back finals. SPANISH TEAMS ARE A POISON TO OUR BELOVED FOOTBALL!

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