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Hooligans Leicester fans vs police in Madrid 12 04 2017 UCL Leicester vs Atlético de Madrid
Leicester fans in Madrid today. ⚽☀🍺
Leicester City away at Madrid
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Leicester fans in Madrid today. ⚽☀🍺, Leicester City away at Madrid, Hooligans fight Leicester fans vs police in Madrid, Hooligans fight Leicester fans vs police in Madrid 12 04 2017 before the game vs athletico de Madrid, leicestercityfc, lcfc, Hooligans fight, awaydays, madrid, Hooligans


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  1. Piratas ingleses, lo mismo durante siglos, lo más bajo de Europa. Nada nuevo. Lo que tenía que hacer la policía es hacer unas cuantas cargas a caballo, a ver si reventaban a un puñado de esta escoria. Y el resto detenidos, al aeropuerto y para su puta casa.

  2. que asco dais putos ingleses… iros a vuestro pair a liarla… vergüenza, vais de politicamente correctos y sois una panda de salvajes… si los españoles hiciésemos algo similar en londres ya hubieran disparado a mas de uno….

  3. Only alcohol, ever this, talking about english shits… (what a "honour and pride" for the queens slaves… 🙂 🙂 ) – see the video, what a "corageus people", what dignitous images…  🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Que vergüenza de actuacion policial como se nota que ya no era los anti disturbios de antes, siendo 4 gatos los otros, que se le da un mancha de palos y vera como desaparecen, y tener el centro de Madrid amedrantado, y para colmo retroceden y se esconde la policia, falta estrategia y mas en una plaza que se le cuelan por detras y se les hinchan de palos, para cada vez que vengan.-

  5. The english are cowards at heart. They only attack when they are in a group. Look at them , talking and behaving like the morons they are. I hope the Russians send a few hundreds of them in stretchers back to their rat mice infested full of parasite benefit seekers overweight island.

  6. english are the cancer of humanity! I'm fucking so proud because we turks have killed 2 of them in istanbul and 1 of them in copenhagen/denmark! too bad, we didn't kill more of them.

  7. Typical thick as shit English scum again pity the Spanish police didn't open up on them with live ammunition, and all English clubs should have immediately been thrown out of Europe indefinitely after this and Atlético given a bye into the semis

  8. Barbaric. So uncivilized those Brits.
    i have no idea how they are considered a respectful nation and have that much weight in the world. They are far form deserving of it, and arrogant over nothing. Every other euro nation is superior, at the very least in terms of civilization.

  9. you English pig fuckers will get fucked up by my comrades in Russia, they will fuck you then fuck your women who need real man and not english pussy faggots like you

  10. English people are the scum of the Earth,they have been getting away with mass murder invading other peoples countries for centuries,i hope the Russians beat he living shit out of all of them and send them back in body bags.

  11. Let's face it, all you Twats posting about how hard you are and what you will do to each other are pathetic examples of how some sections of the human race have never evolved properly. You probably all have Neanderthal DNA, thickset brows and excessive hair. Hopefully a few hundred years more of evolution and you will be part of history.

  12. Donde están los cuerpos y fuerzas del estado? A los ingleses les dejáis hacer maldades las que quieran . Parece que solo os gusta dar hostias a los perro flautas, que eso os la pone dura. Mucha bandera española, mucho español y muy españoles, pero tenéis unos mandos que como el gobierno está tan vendido a la gran Bretaña , os da miedo darles lo suyo a sus nacionales , no vaya a ser que se cabree alguno en la isla y se os joda algún negociete. Puta basura , a estos es a los que tenéis que sacudir bien . TODO AL REVÉS EN ESTE PAÍS, ESPANEZUELA ESO ES LO QUE SOMOS , con esta gente gobernando España.

  13. I am Spanish and i will travel very happy to Russia, to meet our Russian brothers. I will enjoy their beautifull cities, i will have big parties with them, and i believe than they will receive me great. Why? Because i am spanish. There are a lot of Russian people living here, most in Barcelona, Sevilla or Valencia and they are really good people, with high honour sense and their women are really beautifull and elegant.

    But i am pretty sure than English people couldnt say the same haha. Russian Bears will enjoy with you hahaha.

    Long live to Russians, Heroes of the II WW, they saved the world against Hitler.

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