Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 1-1 All Goals 08/04/2017 HD 720p


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  1. i dont know where to start.First of all i screamed like an idiot ehen pepe scored.Than ibscreamed even more when griezman scored (mad).than i was watching every second on my app is barcelona losing,and they lost.Than i scremed even more.Sorry for bad english pleashe drop a like

  2. Cristiano Ronaldo the the greatest ever in everything the god of football fact💥💯7⃣😉🌎👑🔝😎😗🔥😍🎂😱😆👌💪..his rating from yesterday game was the highest in whole team he got 9 out of 10

  3. Comentato:" smoother than the back of a spoon"
    "And he doesn't need any help he needs help lyk a fish needs a bicycle "

    Who is this commentator 😂😂😂 whenever i watch these highlights he's there saying something that will make u go lyk watttt???? 😂😂 he's taking this game way too seriously

  4. Match turning points were: Pepe's injury and more than that Kroos' substitution… Kroos was playing awesome… Zidane did the same what he had done in the last year champions league final and again we conceded late goal…

  5. We lost control of the game as soon as Kroos left the field. We played well but when it was 1-0, we should've tried to make it 2-0 rather than passive defending. Zidane tactically didn't get it right, there was ZERO intensity from our players after that goal. A 1-0 lead is never good enough for passive defending, the same thing happened in the UCL final last year when Carrasco struck in the 79th minute. Isco didn't do his job, he should've put some pressure on Correa before the Argentine passed it to Griezmann. Subs were disappointing. Nacho was leaning to the left when he should be more aware of Griezmann. Rustiness getting the better of Vasquez and Isco too didn't create any chance at all for our attackers. How many chances did we create from the 70th minute to the final whistle? I don't remember Ronaldo getting a single touch in that period. That shows how Zidane set the team up

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