Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 1-1 Highlights & Goals 2017
Goal: Pepe, Antoine Griezmann
La Liga, April 8, 2017.
English Commentary.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid
Referee: Ricardo De Burgos Bengoetxea


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  1. ممكن تشتركون في قناتي مختصه في الرياضة من حيث الملخصات والاهداف ومهارات اللاعبين ودي اشوف القناة تزيد مشاهدة حتى لو 100 راح اقتنع وكل شي ان شاء الله يجي حبه حبه واتمنى من كل قلبي الاشتراك وتدعموني

  2. Why the fuck would Zidane take out Kroos when casemiro was in a yellow? As soon as he made that sub the team went to shit. Weren't organized lost formation and couldn't keep the ball. Horrible decision to sub kroos and Bale. Great match though, fun to watch.

  3. Real so unlucky… Atleti had two good chances the whole game while Real was dominating. benzema clearly needs to finish his chances better and ronaldo was unlucky due do Oblak being soooo good in goal against him

  4. fucking hell so lucky atm, that should be a goal from Ronaldo, so fucking lucky, and Barcelona had so luck against atm so unfair sometimes

  5. Heard many saying about Ronaldos play style and all is declining and he ain't doing anything good. I just want to say to all those who say that get a life please…can u play please say to me where he didn't play good.He played very well but was a bit unlucky.. cmon all those chances he created to benzema…and tht goal line save by the player….Overall he did well..Now see where are all these haters and trollers wen he plays well and scores many goals in a game….can't see them at all……And wen he has a unlucky or bad game…..they like come out of their caves and start saying he is now old….he can't play anymore…..Definitely Age is a factor…but he broke all those limits…u don't see messi scoring every goal even they too have sometimes a bad game….It's like u guys are waiting for a reason to comment tht he nw old and can't play anymore……He will do wonders I guarantee about that…….. #HalaMadrid

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo ⋯I don't say anything to you, this year your goal is so mini ,this isn't real Cristiano Ronaldo ,I hope you come back!!

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